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BtB Marine has been exporting - with a focus on the Asia Pacific Region - for over 10 years.
The vessels can be surveyed for professional use, if required by local authorities. All boats are fitted out to meet the client's specifications. For certain remote operations, basic manual(s) are supplied and training provided.
Boat and Trailer Kits (Flat Packs)

All models are also available as Kits. These Kits come with an instruction manual and welding schedule. In the schedule, there is an option for surveyors to sign off at different stages of construction, if this is required. The Kits are packed on a pallet ready for shipment and all parts are numbered and conform with the instruction manual.

Raw Hulls

A very cost-efficient way of purchasing a boat can be as a raw hull - ready to be fitted out by the client. All fit-out components can be purchased through BtB Marine for very compatible rates as an incentive for purchasing the hull. Boats can be built to different stages, depending on client's requirements, or in order to fit the boat more efficiently in a shipping container. 

Fuel System

As it is not possible to get good quality fuel everywhere, BtB Marine has designed their fuel system, in such a way that it is easy to access the tank and drain any excessive water that might be in the (local) fuel.

Motor Mounting

As some of our boats operate in a remote area, a twin motor set-up is available for most models. If required our boats can be fitted out with an extra motor-bracket that will support an auxiliary outboard to help optimize the safety of the people on board on longer trips.

On site construction

If required, our tradesmen can be sent on-site anywhere in the world to assist local tradesmen or work 'stand-alone' with our own tools and materials. BtB Marine can send a complete 'workshop' inside a 20ft container and can also help set up a local workshop and train local workers to assemble the boats themselves. Clients can also purchase all needed fit-out equipment through BtB Marine.


BtB Marine offers training to (local) boat operators. In most countries there is no licence required for boats under 6m. BtB Marine recommends all people comply with their local boating regulations and to be familiar with safe boating practices, along with reviewing the manual(s) applicable for their boat and safety gear operation. If help is required, we can provide customised training specifically for the area of operation.


BtB Marine can program the electronic (navigation) devises to be ready for use in the area of operation. Not only by adding (local) charts into the GPS, but also programming routes if required.

Case Study:

Papua New Guinea

2008 - PNG has the highest incidence of HIV in the Pacific region. It is estimated that 2 per cent of the adult population, approximately 64,000 people, are now HIV positive.

AusAID's National HIV/AIDS Support Project (NHASP) began in October 2000 and concluded in December 2006. Now, a $100 million, five year program commenced in January 2007. Source: AusAID website

BtB Marine was contacted by a local construction company to supply skilled workers to work on-site in different areas and assist the locals building STI clinics (sexual transmitted illness): prefab (KIT) buildings shipped from Brisbane.

Case Study:

Solomon Islands

March 2012 - 10m Landing Craft "LC VADORU" Honiara, Solomon Islands - Government Project for North New Georgia Constituency, Western Province.

BtB Marine went to Honiara to commission the vessel into operation and train the crew. As there are limited main roads on the Islands of New Georgia, this Landing Craft will stimulate the local economy by transporting their goods.

BtB_SpecMar3210LC#2_VADORU - 0112.jpg

Case Study:


March 2012 - KIT Pacific Traveler for Vanuatu.

BtB Marine sent a long-boat model Hull Pacific Traveler to Vanuatu to be assembled at the destination. Below is the result, with the customer adding a cab themselves.


Case Study:


June 2016 - KIT Boat Trailer for Storck Cruises - Deanrau Island.


BtB Marine designed a KIT trailer to suit the customer's 7m Catamaran. The trailer had to fit in a 20ft container and be easy to assemble with bolts, without hot-works.


Case Study:

Papua New Guinea

April 2017 - BtB Marine designed and fabricated 14 Boat Trollies for Yamaha PNG's new boat building factory.

BtB Marine's designers made

sure the trollies were easy to assemble and ready for pick-up

on a pallet ready to be shipped 

in a 20ft container to the factory

in Lae, PNG.


Case Study:

the Netherlands

April 2017 - BtB Marine as Australian supplier for Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

Spliethof's Sevenstar Yacht Transport commissioned BtB Marine to provide them with extra stands for their vessel Yacht Express that would be coming into Brisbane Port in a short time.

The stands had to fit stands currently on board the vessel. Due to BtB Marine's quality control and precise fabrication, the stands fitted well and the yachts were loaded with no delay. 


Case Study:

Solomon Islands

June 2009 - The Pacific Malaria Initiative Support Centre (PacMISC) is part of a $25 million AusAID commitment to intensified malaria control and progressive elimination in the South-West Pacific. The centre will initially focus on Solomon Islands and Vanuatu but may be extended to provide support to Papua New Guinea in future years.

PacMISC supported the Ministry of Health in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to undertake two of the largest malaria assessment surveys ever conducted in Melanesia in preparation for the malaria elimination programs in Tafea Province, Vanuatu (May 2008) and in Temotu Province, Solomon Islands (November 2008).

The boat purchase from BtB Marine, was a gift from the PacMISC project to the Ministry of Health Solomon Islands, to aid in the transportation of their staff and supplies to the many islands that have been effected by malaria.


Case Study:

Solomon Islands

March 2014 - BtB Marine was commissioned by Y.SATO Marine - the YAMAHA dealer in Honiara - to build motor stands and workshop gear for their newly fitted out workshop.

BtB Marine drafted CAD files from Yamaha's copies of engine mount specs. Yoshiyuki Sato - owner and manager - told BtB Marine the stands are a great asset. A further order for the same equipment has been sent to PNG as well.

AUS-GOV-export copy.jpg

Case Study:

Solomon Islands

March 2010 - Since 2002, cooperation between the EU and Solomon Islands has focused on strengthening and sustaining rural development, as well as human resource development. The EU-backed Phase 3 Micro-Project, which targets growth and sustainable rural development, effectively continuing the successes of Phases 1 and 2. Funding for Phase 3 stands at EUR 7.2 million. Source: European commission.

BtB Marine was in Honiara to deliver the boat that was purchased for general assistance to the micro projects around Guadalcanal province.


Case Study:

Solomon Islands

March 2014 - BtB Marine was commissioned by Y.SATO Marine - the YAMAHA dealer in Honiara - to build a  multi purpose 12m Landing Craft.

The vessel was shipped to Honiara where the motors were fitted. BtB Marine went to Honiara to survey the vessel, performing stability test confirm designers specs and Australian NSCV and to train DESTINY's crew.


Case Study:

Solomon Islands

August 2009 - USQ University gifted a vessel to Solomon Islands.

BtB Marine was commissioned by USQ University to deliver a vessel to SIHS. BtB Marine went  to Honiara to handover the vessel and train the crew.

Case Study
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